In a world of supplement fades and nutraceuticals of dubious value, Innovation Naturals was created to take advantage of the latest discoveries in nutritional science and bring the results directly to the public. We create products which focus on functionality, because a supplement is only as good as its ability to perform in accordance with the expectations of the customer. Good science is meaningless in the field of nutritional supplementation if the end result isn’t products that work and work consistently.

 As we open our business this summer of 2018, our intention is to begin with a handful of products with extraordinary functionality not found elsewhere in the market and expand to about 20 products by 2019, for which the fundamental research supporting the product has already been established.

 Our business model incorporates the use of trained professionals who can answer even arcane questions about the compounds we use, the studies supporting our conclusions, and the clinical work that verifies our assertions.

Any inquiries can any of the above can be addressed to us at:

Craig Sallin


Concordia, Missouri

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